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We offer a Four Hour Self Hypnosis Workshops creating the perfect opportunity to learn about the wonderful benefits to hypnotizing yourself before you make the commitment to hypnotherapy. Please call or email us for our current schedule of classes available. Upon completion you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Attendance (good for 4 CEU’s) and a 2 track, 60 minute Self Hypnosis CD (Retail is $39), so you can practice your hypnosis skills right away! Double your fun and bring a friend for a shared experience in self hypnosis.

NEW LOW PRICE: $169.00 At the door price is regularly $189.00

Many folks are curious about hypnosis. Some others are shy about seeing a hypnotist. But wherever you stand on the issue, why not at least try it and or see how it works before you write it off as non-sense. Here are what class attendees have to say about the self hypnosis workshop!

“Lois is an excellent speaker. The thoughts of others in the group helped organize my thoughts. Visuals are great for additional note taking.”~Louise M.

“The interactive exercises were excellent. What a great feeling to know that I am in control of my emotions and learn to relax. Great experience!!”~Alfonso D.

“Ability to ask questions and have them answered. Having a Training Center so close is grand. Thank you for your passion, desire and effort.”~Donna D.

“Interactive exercises were very beneficial.”~Pam S.

“I had the most fun with this class. Lois is so informative and personable. I now have great insight of this special world of Hypnosis. Thanks Lois, you rock!”~Marie G.

“Well done exercises, visuals and demos, very personalized.”~Bruce S.

“The interactive exercises worked best for me.”~Terry O.

“Because of the group and the smartness of the people I felt very comfortable in speaking and talking to other people about my thoughts. Thank you!”~Louise M.

“Lois is great!”~Sandy W.

“Lecture and class interaction. Lois is great and this has been one of the most beneficial classes I’ve ever taken.”~Mitzi S.

“Pleasant voice. Suggestions were familiar in our times, now we can put these suggestions into action. I really like my self hypnosis sheet of suggestions.”~Jeanette H.

“The class was very informative. The presenter was great. It was a wonderful motivation class.”~Susan P.

“It was great!”~Rebecca T.

“The group setting was extremely helpful through the diverse views, comments and experiences.”~Kathy D.

“The interactive exercises and learning how to create your own positive suggestion worked best for me.”~Lisa M.

“I think your teaching style is highly effective because I can remember it and it’s positive suggestion. It seems to be a great model.”~Madelyn G.

“Hands-on works best for me, and having input from Lois and the class helps my understanding.”~Chris W.

“I enjoyed the visuals and the interactive exercises. Your lectures were very interesting. Don’t change a thing, you made us very comfortable.”~Lucy L.

“The combinations used in this class seemed to be a good balance for me. It was an extreme pleasure having you as a teacher.”~Michael P.

“Interactive exercises, visuals, comments and experiences of others were very helpful.”~Michelle A.

“I liked the interactive exercises with great visuals, makes me want to learn more.”~Ann Marie C.

“The interactive exercises really helped me. I know I am better and getting better every day!” Thank you Lois!”~Steven R.

“I took Lois’ workshop on self hypnosis. Despite having a profound appreciation for her skills as a therapist, I was a little skeptical about my ability to make changes on my own, so I picked a prosaic and measurable thing to work on my golf game. I’d been stuck for a couple of years in the same scoring range-never making my goals. I felt like I had the skills to get better but somehow never pulled it off. I started working on one suggestion a day or two after the course was over. Within two weeks I broke 80 for the first time. Within six weeks I’d dropped my handicap into single digits completing the other major goal that I had. All in all I’ve dropped my handicap 22% since beginning a program of self hypnosis. I’d guess that you’d have to say that Lois empowered the best golf instructor I’ve ever had, Me!”~Bob A.

“This class truly met my expectation in building a better me.”~Richard B.

“I loved the small group interaction. The handout is very helpful. Thank you so much for the CD.”~Sossy T.

“I learned allot . I will prepare statements to achieve what I have learned.”~Elizabeth G.

“Learning was a pleasant, enjoyable experience. I was surprised how easy it was to learn much more than I expected. I would recommend this class to everyone who wants to improve their life.”~Paula B.

“Please don’t leave Albuquerque!”~Salim W.


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